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    Picturesque squares, romantic settings, a very special atmosphere: Herborn is well worth seeing and discovering, and this during all seasons.


  • What's happening

    Looking for concerts, theater, cabaret, fine arts? Herborn is a cultural hot spot, always bustling with lots of activities. And the people? They are open-minded, very much alive, and always eager to help.

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    Planning a visit in Herborn? We’re glad to help you. We have just the right sightseeing tour for you to discover our town.


Welcome to Herborn

With a history of more than 1000 years, picturesque half-timbered buildings, a pulsating life, and an intriguing countryside: Herborn is a pretty colorful town – as colorful as life itself. Come see and discover our town, stay for a while and enjoy the agreeable life here at the base of the Westerwald hills.


Things to see


Today, the castle is still inhabited and currently under the administration of the Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau, housing the Seminary for Theological Studies, an institution in the follow-up tradition of "Hohe Schule". Continue reading

Historic Town Hall

It would be a good idea to start a sightseeing tour of Herborn’s historic center with a visit of the town hall. Its current appearance can be traced back to the year 1630, although its origins date back as far as 1589. Continue reading

Experience nature

The zoological park Herborn is home to a unique variety of species not to be seen anywhere else in our region presenting parrots, meerkats, kangaroos, cotton-top tamarins, pythons, owls, storks, and various amphibians. Continue reading

Fine arts in a rural town

Whether theater, comedy, cabaret, vaudeville and concerts – all year long the "KulturScheune" is hosting a wide selection of attractive events featuring many popular and renowned artists! Continue reading