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Beyond Herborn

Greifenstein and its bells

With its striking double tower, the castle of Greifenstein is the highly visible landmark of the region sitting proudly atop the Dill valley. A cultural hotspot and history coming alive with its one of a kind baroque double church and the "Glockenwelt Burg Greifenstein" bell museum.

Contact + info: Greifenstein-Verein +49-6449-6460,

Traditional craft

During a tour of Hesse’s only bell foundry in Sinn backed by centuries of tradition, you can see ancient craft that is so characteristic for our region. By appointment, groups of up to 40 people may experience a guided tour on workdays, Saturdays and even Sundays.

Contact + info: +49-2772-94060,

A real gem

In the "Herbstlabyrinth" (autumn labyrinth), Europe’s first stalactite and stalagmite cave equipped with LED lighting system, you can discover all the gems formed by geological processes over hundreds, thousands and even millions of years. 125 steps will take the visitor down 50 meters into the cave for a one of a kind experience. Open: Saturday/Sunday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Guided tours starting each full hour.

Info: www.schauhö

Breathe history

Another landmark of historical significance and a close relation to the House of Orange-Nassau can be discovered in the neighboring city of Dillenburg with the rather prominent "Willhemsturm" (William’s tower) housing the infamous "Casemates" (old defensive structures from the 16th century).


See wildlife at close range

Sika deer, red deer, wild boar, alpine ibex, fallow deer, ponies, donkeys, mouflons, and goats – all these animals can be discovered in the woods located between Donsbach, the Ambach valley, and the Dill valley. It is not only the high biodiversity that makes the Donsbach wildlife park a popular destination for a field trip, the quiet surroundings and the abundant amount of fresh air of the woods with its easily accessible trails are also attracting lots of people all year-round.


Water and more

Water sports and the conservation of nature come together in a beautiful place. With a surface of 60 hectares and a content of 2 million cubic meters of water the Aartalsee is the second biggest expanse of water in Hesse, coming right behind the Edersee. In the summer, sailing, windsurfing, diving, roller skating, hiking, and jogging are the most popular sports activities in and around the lake. In the bathing area with its sandy beach, guests are welcome to relax in the sun. One may walk around the lake in about one hour and fifteen minutes.

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Going underground

Like to take a trip in a cage 150 meter down into the Mesozoic era? Then you should visit the "Grube Fortuna" in Oberbiel, an old mine open to visitors depicting the history of iron ore mining in the Lahn-Dill region. The "Feld- und Grubenbahnmuseum Fortuna", a railway museum located on the premises of the mine, offers an intriguing glimpse into the world of narrow-gauge railways which used to be very popular back in the day. With 57 locomotives and about 100 wagons, the museum has one of the most interesting 600 mm track railway vehicle collections in Europe.



Get your dose of adrenaline by racing a cart at top speed. All Formula 1 champions of the not so distant past started their careers in a cart. You can also do cart racing in close vicinity to Herborns, on a track 500 meters long inside a 4000 m² indoor cart area.


Through the air

At the airfield in Breitscheid you can show how brave you are by doing a tandem jump or you may take an entire skydiving course.

Contact + info: Tel. 02777/1871,

Pitch and put

For golf enthusiasts the state-of-the-art golf course in Dillenburg-Niederscheld is the place to go. Situated within the most pleasant surroundings the 18-hole course has everything a golfer could want. The "Golfclub Dillenburg" offers trial and group courses and more on the "Altscheid" between Niederscheld and Dillenburg.

Contact + info: Phone +49-2771-5001,

Cross-country skiing

Four well-prepared trails for various expertise levels or four certified routes within the Westerwald nordic walking park offer optimum conditions for cross-country skiers, all coming together at the infamous "Auf der Hub" lodge.

Contact and info: +49-2777-91020,