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In the city

Experience nature!

This is the slogan under which the zoological park Herborn, situated in the beautiful landscape of the natural park Lahn-Dill, presents a unique variety of species not to be seen anywhere else in this region.

Animals from all continents and every vertebrate group such as numerous types of parrots, meerkats, kangaroos, cotton-top tamarins, pythons, owls, storks as well as grass snakes, sand lizards, and fire salamanders can be found in natural and sometimes accessible enclosures and aviaries. As a special attraction the zoological park offers daily meerkat, cotton-top tamarin, and parrot feeding events where the visitors can learn tons of interesting facts about the animals.

Various days of wildlife and nature related special activities add to the attractive offer of experiencing nature with all your senses. At the end of each tour visitors are welcome to take a break in the park’s pleasant "Meerkat Café". Open daily from 9.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and until dusk in spring and in autumn.

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Animal friends

Nosy goats greatly thankful for every visitor petting them. Mouflons and fallow deer living in the same enclosure with greater rheas (ostriches). Friendly donkeys, a picturesque pond with ducks, swans, and geese, a flock of curious llamas, and a red deer with its harem: all these animals can be observed in the spacious enclosure in their natural habitat.

More active visitors are invited to try out the park’s wooden climbing tower, the slackline, the rope tower, the seesaw, and the zipline. Those who seek to take a break from the bustling daily grind will find seats, benches, and little fountains for a little peace, whereas the "braver" ones are welcome to discover the secret of the "Old Castle". Open all year round, no entrance fees.

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Take a dive

Our outdoor pools located "Friedrich-Birkendahl-Straße" (city of Herborn) and in the village of Schönbach are the perfect spots to take a refreshing dive on a hot day. Open daily during the season from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (until 8 p.m. during the summer holidays, from 7 a.m. on Wednesday).

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+49-2772-5814360 (Herborn), +49-2777-811397 (Schönbach)
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Putting in black light conditions

In Herborn you can also find Hesse’s very first black light minigolf range with 18 holes with a total surface of more than 600 m². 

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High in the skies

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of our beautiful area by booking a trial flight with "Luftsportverein Hörbach" who will be happy to take you to the skies in a glider or a motor glider.

You may either take flight on the spur of a moment, although we recommend to book in advance. Groups are also welcome upon consultation.

Contact + info: Phone: +49-173-6791445‬,